GMV-ITS has been working for the Automotive sector for more than 15 years now offering solutions for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles. What make us unique is our great expertise in key technologies and the synergies with other GMV directorates such as Space and Cybersecurity. Over 4 million vehicles incorporate GMV Automotive Telematics solutions.

GMV-ITS holds responsibility for ERASMO technical project direction, coordinating positioning-application hardware and software tasks and the combination of information between the various sensors. GMV-ITS is leader in Cooperative positioning and 5G and also provides the communications software in charge of uniting all system components in a synchronized and robust way.

GMV-AD has been involved in GNSS since the late 1980s with ESA and currently plays a critical role in EGNOS and Galileo programmes, in the upstream and downstream markets, with a strong R&D activity, with a great presence in the transport market and, in particular, in the automotive domain. GMV has an extensive industrial and research experience in GNSS applications and in advanced navigation integrity for the future liability and safety critical applications.

 GMV-AD is in charge of design of ERASMO system architecture and leads the ERASMO positioning application development and the safety activities required to achieve Functional Safety. GMV-AD also supplies GNSS-based high-precision algorithms as well as the algorithms combining information from different sensors to provide the connected autonomous vehicle’s required positioning integrity.



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