The integration of the GNSS chipset into the ERASMO OBU design for data acquisition

The design of the ERASMO OBU is progressing, and we would like to share some insights into the data acquisition and the use of a Galileo compliant GNSS chipset. Users can expect a better performance and accuracy with the addition of Galileo to the global GNSS constellation with improved positioning and timing information. In terms of defining the device’s Software Architecture the project’s progress is well on track.

The system module has been designed to be integrated into the wider vehicle’s system, and compliance with every technical safety and performance requirements is assured. The architecture of the ERASMO OBU meets all formal requirements, also for data acquisition, which have been mapped and considered in the design. Furthermore, the functional aspects that affect the entire module have been carefully considered.

The ERASMO OBU is modular by design, each module operating independently. It includes a multi-core IMX8 processor (Octa-core). The main board interconnects the system module with the output interfaces (micro SD card for login for instance) and with other connectors that link it to all three main radio systems:

1) A mosaic GNSS and IMU;

2) A V2X modem; and

3) A 5G modem. Everything is additionally connected to different antennas.

The ERASMO OBU design proposed so far is therefore a versatile one by design, allowing to choose between different modems that can be provided by various suppliers. This modular design fosters flexibility, allowing for devices being offered across different price ranges, which can serve to accommodate specific needs for specific user groups (telematics for private or professional users for instance). The Mosaic-X5 chipset is used in the GNSS module together with an Inertial Measurement Unit from Analogue Devices being (ADIS16505). A system-on-chip GNSS module like Mosaic has been selected to reduce risk and project time compared to integrating multiple individual chipsets. The hardware architecture has a traceable and inclusive rationale.

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